Week 9-10 Bug Fixes
E1 Fantasy
Version 1.4
Our commitment to quality continues as we've fixed the following bugs over the past couple weeks:
  • Fixed an issue in the leaderboard where points were being inflated.
  • Fixed the text on the mobile homepage that said we were in the 2019 season!
  • Fixed the news article images in mobile so they don't get vertically squished.
  • Fixed an issue where "I Got U Fam" and "Captain Poggers" weren't showing for week 8.
  • Fixed the social sharing image where no points were displaying for teams.
  • Fixed an issue in the player cards where "Own %" was showing as 0 across all games.
  • Fixed an issue where the same users we displaying as weekly winners across all weeks.
  • Fixed a leaderboard issue where the user overall rank was not updating.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting the player pool by points wasn't working properly.