NEW: Season-Long Total Fantasy Points is Back!
Our team has added the function to allow you all to view your total points for each regions' F2P leaderboard and your custom leagues!
Check It Out
To use it, head over to leaderboards and toggle "Season View". See how you finished the season and ranked compared to your friends
season total example
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding! We have big plans for this summer and all of us at Esports One are so thankful for your constant feedback, support, and playing a game that we all love.
If you have any questions, let us know in the Esports One Discord.
Updates: Clarity and Faster Scoring!
Recently, we have heard lots of feedback about our current scoring system, so the team put in some extra time to save you some time!
  1. Captains now properly display their top scoring games after bonus points have been calculated.
  2. Tiebreaker answers now properly display after saving.
  3. Updated scoring so that it
    runs faster!
If you have any questions or suggestions about current bugs or future features that you want to see, make sure to check out our Discord!
FIXED: Latest Round of Bug Fixes
The team has been working hard and has solved some of the latest bugs that you have reported. Thank you for everyone who has been reporting them and helping us identify the issues!
Resolved Bugs:
  • Fixed a bug where navigating the Leaderboard, while using drop downs & viewing other user's lineups could cause the site to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where team cards wouldn't load when first entering a contest.
  • Fixed a bug where navigating to contests from the "My Entries" panel could cause the Lineup page to infinitely load.
Head over to our Discord to tell us your thoughts or send us reports on new bugs!
Bug-Fixes and Content Filter Updates
Our team has found the fix for two big bugs that you might have been experiencing! Let us know if you still run into these bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with the countdown timer to lineups locking on Lineup page so it properly displays the correct time.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lineup page kept crashing when switching between roles & players.
Content Panel Update:
We have added CBLoL & LCK as filterable options so that you can now sort for region-specific content.
Check out these updates and tell us what you think in our Discord!
Updates: Contest Page Improvements and Store Filters
Our team is working hard to make navigating and using our site that much easier. We have added a filter in the E1 Store and on the Contests page, as well as some quality-of-life updates for Bytes Contests.
Esports One Store
We have added a sorting feature in the Store to filter products! Now you can sort by "Featured", cost, and alphabetically.
Contest Page Update
  • Added a filter to sort the Contest page by each region.
  • Auto-prize distribution: We can now distribute prizes/rewards faster!
  • Auto-refund: If a Bytes contest doesn't meet the minimum entries, you will now receive your bytes back automatically!
NEW REGION: Fantasy LCK has Arrived!
E1 Fantasy
New Feature
Did you miss drafting Canyon after Worlds 2020? Or have you always wanted to draft Faker?? Well, Esports One Fantasy is excited to announce that we will now cover Fantasy LCK!
Start Playing Now
You can go set your first lineup for the LCK on the Contests page! It is time to try out your LCK knowledge and put your favorite players to the test in Fantasy! If you haven't watched LCK before, get ready for an insane level of game play, creative drafts, and some crazy fantasy scores!
Head over to our Discord to start sharing your LCK lineups, discuss, or ask for advice!
UPDATED: "My Entries" Has Prize History and Your Performance
E1 Fantasy
Hey Fantasy Players!
Now instead of having to click through multiple contests, we have a quick and easy way to check your performance and prize history!
Place and Lineup's Points
You can now go to "My Entries" to find your position on the global leaderboard in each contest you enter, along with your lineup's total points!
my entries 2
Prize History
Additionally, we wanted you to be able to see your history of winning, so now you can find on the left side of "My Entries" (highlighted in blue) what prize you won for that contest!
image (1)
Let us know what you think about these updates or any suggestions you might have in our
NEW Region: Esport One Fantasy CBLOL
E1 Fantasy
New Feature
Esports One Fantasy is excited to announce that we will now cover Fantasy CBLOL!
Start Playing Now
You can go set your first lineup for the CBLOL on the Contests page! Don't worry if you haven't watched CBLOL before, because there are SO MANY kills and teamfights, that the Fantasy Points will just start rolling in for you!
Head over to our Discord to start sharing your CBLOL lineups, discuss, or ask for advice!
As always, all of the team wants to thank each of you for playing Esports One Fantasy! We have big announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!
NEW: USD Value of Bytes
E1 Fantasy
New Feature
Curious about how much your friends and competitors are winning in the Bytes Cups? Now we have the
USD value
of the Prizes and Buy-Ins listed.
Check out how much you can win over on the "Contests" page!
Use code "
" to receive 10% off on your next purchase!
Offer Expires 2/25/21 at 11:59pm PST
Updated: Contest Page
E1 Fantasy
We wanted to improve the usage and navigation of the "Contests" page with some quick quality updates.
  • The Contest List will now display a
    when there are contests "hidden" beneath the bottom of the list.
  • You can now click the entire Contest row in the Contest list to open the Contest Info page. Even after you've entered a contest, you can continue
    clicking the Contest row
    in the list to open the Contest Info page to see
    all the prize information.
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