NEW: Worlds 2020 Customizations!
E1 Fantasy
New Region Frames and Special Worlds Badges
Wanting to
rep your region
on the E1 Leaderboards? Found a new region you want to support? Head over to the E1 Store to check out the
new Worlds 2020
regional avatar frames and special Worlds Edition badge and frame that just dropped!
Below are just a few of the new, clean customizations for your profile:
image (3)
Find the new customizations here:
NEW: Tiebreaker Question for Cash Cups
You will have noticed a new 'Tiebreaker Question' located at the bottom of your lineup this week. Everyone will be prompted to answer the question; however, your answer will only come into effect if you tie for a prize in any of the Cash Cups.
Full Explanation:
With fewer players available in the player pool, we expect to see more identical lineups submitted. To help break up ties, we added a 'Tiebreaker Question' to the lineup building process to help split prizes between identical lineups.
If more than 3 lineups are tied for any money winning placing, we will look at the tiebreaker answers, take the 3 best answers (closest to the actual answer) as the winners, and split the money evenly.
We will split the money between 3+ lineups if tiebreaker answers are also identical.
Introducing Cash Cups!
E1 Fantasy
New Feature
If you have a competitive drive and have been looking to take your E1 Fantasy to the next level, the time is now with the release of Cash Cups!
What Are Cash Cups?
Cash Cups are competitions that you can purchase in the E1 Store that use your lineup and allow you to
compete for cash prizes!
  • Bytes Cup:
    Buy-in with 3000 Bytes to compete for a prize pool of $500 split between the 3 highest scoring players.
  • Cash Buy-In Cups:
    Enter with real money to compete in a
    Winner Takes All
    prize pool that grows with every entry!
Check out the video below or learn more here:
Improved Player Report Card Accessibility + New Stats Displayed in Player Table
E1 Fantasy
Player report cards have been out for some time, but previously were hard to access. Now you can simply click on any player in your lineup to pull up their report card!
New Stats in Player Table
We have removed the "Most Played" champion images in the table, since this stat is still tracked and displayed when you click the "crown" to select a Captain, and replaced it with two new stats:
  1. PTS/W
    - This is the average points a player scores in
  2. PTS/L
    - This is the average points a player scores in
Check out this video for a quick rundown on these changes:
Navigation Bar Update
E1 Fantasy
Our team has been hard at work and improved how you navigate through the E1 Fantasy Platform! We have added new pages and cleaned up existing ones. Test it out and let us know what you think!
For a detailed rundown on the changes,
check out this short video
Changes To Navigation
    : Page called "Schedule" that has a detailed schedule of the current stage of Worlds, the format for it, and the current standings
    : All pages can be accessed through the left toolbar
    : Help button is now "Tutorials" and leads you to a hub of articles and videos that explain everything E1 Fantasy (Check it out here)
Introducing Missions and Our New Currency, Bytes!
E1 Fantasy
New Feature
by playing E1 Fantasy to earn
! Check out the new missions each week and "Special Missions" from our partners!
Learn more in the video below or by reading about missions here.
What Are Bytes?
  • Bytes are a virtual currency unique to Esports One
  • You can earn them through completing missions, receiving high-letter grades on lineups, and predictions.
  • Bytes will be redeemable in our the E1 Store once it releases
  • Read more on Bytes here.
Just a reminder that you
will not
be able to set a Lineup for Worlds until the 21st of September (tomorrow). We will also send you an email notification when Lineups open!
Get Excited
Ranked Visibility and Leaderboard Updates!
E1 Fantasy
You can now easily compare your
E1 Fantasy Rank
with friends! We also
improved the clarity
of all leaderboard displays.
  • A user's rank and previous week's grade are visible on their profile
  • You can hover over a ranked icon to see the name of that rank
  • Compare your rank with another user by clicking results on their profile.
  • Slight layout and text styling changes to leaderboards
Ranked E1 Fantasy is Here!
E1 Fantasy
New Feature
Playoffs have arrived, and so has ranked E1 Fantasy! Compete against your friends and the rest of the league to become a Fantasy LEGEND.
Playoffs Schedule & Scoring Updates
E1 Fantasy
Playoffs are here
, which means
Schedules and Scoring are a little different
! Read about the changes.
Be sure you know the new rules when you're building your lineup!
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